• Gain an understanding of your practice's facility needs: We have worked with a number of Austin's top medical providers to locate the ideal facility for their medical practice.
  • Provide a detailed financial analysis of all available options: Our healthcare real estate team will work with you to locate optimal medical office facilities within your budget.
  • Negotiate all business lease/purchase terms: Austin's medical community relies on us to secure the best medical office lease and purchase contracts.
  • Cost effectively engage a design and construction team to develop your facility: With an eye on the bottom line, we will manage the building and or remodeling of your chosen medical office space in Austin or surrounding areas.
  • Oversee any construction required: HTH will coordinate the details of constructing your new medical office space so you can focus on your patients.
  • Assist in relocation and move in: Our experienced medical office development team will provide a seamless transition to your new facility.
  • Ongoing consultation services and financial analysis as needed: As you begin practicing in your new office, we will continue to support you.