The experienced HTH team understands the complexities associated with the development and construction of heathcare facilities. our provedn team will work with you to analyze the available opportunities and develop a cost-effective turnkey facility that accomplishes the goals of your practice.

  • Site identification and selection

    Our team will work with you to locate the site or existing facility that best fits the needs of your practice.

  • Zoning and permitting

    We will secure the required permits and entitlements for your specific medical office needs.

  • Structure Financiing

    As we work together building your medical office development plan, our team will streamline the financing process for you.

  • Feasibility and economic analysis

    A detailed feasibility and economic analysis will be the foundation for all major decisions.

  • Assist in relocation and move in

    Our experienced medical office development team will provide a seamless transition to your new facility.

  • Regulatory compliance

    As a partner in your medical office development plan, the HTH real estate team will expedite key regulator processes.

  • Custom design and construction

    Our specialty is medical office and surgery center development. Austin’s specialty is creativity, including innovative, functional design. Let us help you create the medical office that best fits your practice.